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The “Rapid Assistance Fund supporT” (RAFT) program is intended to provide funding for those with Fabry in need of help. RAFT is designed to help assist patients in areas other programs do not cover.

To date RAFT has been providing needed assistance for 10 years. Over the years FSIG has received hundreds of requests asking for help with a wide variety of issues. Whether it is reaching an area patient meeting, getting to a Fabry specialist evaluation, or complementing another assistance program, RAFT is here to help.

To insure the limited funds are directed to those with the greatest need, we rely on verification of necessity from a number of sources that may include a doctor’s office or others. RAFT assistance is intended for one time, short term or infrequent needs. It is not available as a long term funding solution.

Please see below for areas of support.

  • Transportation to Fabry meetings
  • Child care during infusions or appointments
  • Cooling vests
  • Communication devices
  • Fabry testing
  • Medicals bills (past due bills missed by co-pay assistant plans)
  • Non-pharmacy medical expenses (compression stockings, respite care, eye glasses, dentures)
  • Other types of assistance